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14 May 2013
Healthy Living

Water – The Elixir of life

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Water exists all around us, reflecting in the morning dew drops, in the soothing rain, in the shimmering ponds, the gushing rivers, the wide blue lakes and the salty seas. It’s in the ice in our drinks and comes gushing out of our pipes and showers.Water is also the essential element that drums through our veins in order to rejuvenate and revitalize.

In an era where life is fast paced and stress is more pronounced we spend a lot of money and time searching for products that help improve our beauty and health or simply to reduce our daily stress. The irony of this is that the one thing that would help us improve each of these areas is available in abundance and is the least expensive. Yes, water is the key!
Water purifies our bodies flushing out all the toxins that we been consuming and inhaling throughout the day. It gives us a sense of well-being when we have quenched our thirst and most of all it keeps us alive!

We go through expensive bottles of fragrant body lotions and moisturizers every week, but how many cups of inexpensive water do we drink per day?
We use moisturizers to protect our skin from being wrinkled and dried out. Lotions are applied to give our skin that smooth luscious glow. But why does our skin get dried in the first place? Why does it loose that robust glow we are born with? The answer is simple. Lack of water!Water for Life

Lack of water causes a dryness to prevail in the areas of our mouth, throat and ears. This can lead to sore throats and other ailments which will in turn affect the overall sense of body balance creating dizziness.

When the human body does not receive the required amount of water to carry out its daily functions the overall energy slowly decreases and a sense of tiredness develops making you unable to carry out even minor tasks effectively. On the other hand taking in excessive amounts of water can also harm the body. If we consume the required amount of water a day we would not only save our skin and overall complexion but would also enhance our beauty and our health.

Living on a tropical island not only means that we enjoy beautiful beaches but also that our bodies loose water to the heat much faster leaving us feeling dry and dehydrated. It becomes even more important to make sure that we consume enough water each day to ensure the vitality of our skin and maintain a good balance between our energy and health.

However it is important to remember that they are correct ways to consume water! One must boil water before using it for human consumption and for preparing food items. Water should not be consumed at extreme temperatures whether it be heated or in cold ice.  Water is an element. A very component of what we are made of. Who are we to deny it? Deny it from our systems and we would only end up treating our bodies like forgotten plants left to wither in the sun.


Written by Tineeka for colomboguide.net ©

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