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Sri Lankan Sweets

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Sri Lanka is a land well known for its vivacious culture and scenic beauty. But would you have ever thought that it would make your taste buds quiver for something sweet.

Not only are Sri Lankan sweets very delectable but is also known to hold a special place in the cultural events of various ethnic communities. It is a treat not to be missed out when visiting this tropical paradise.

The uniqueness of these sweets comes from its authentic flavours which are created from ingredients that are exclusive to the South Asian hemisphere. Most of these sweets have the traditional base of kithul honey, coconut and rice flour. They are also enhanced by the addition of various fruits and nuts such as cashews, raisins and pumpkin preserves.

Juggary – made from the Kithul Palm treacle and various other South Asian herbs and spices such as cinnamon, cardamom and cloves are some of the ingredients used in these recipes. This creates a texture filled with flavours that simply explode your senses from the very first taste.

For those who enjoy nurturing a sweet tooth the best time to visit Sri Lanka would be in April whence the Sinhala and Tamil New Year Festivities begin. The fresh, mouth watering aroma of sweets laid out neatly on every Sri Lankan table at the time of the festival is as much a cause for celebration among the local adults as it is amongst the children.

The golden crispy Kokis, the delectable honey brown Kavum, milk toffees with their exquisite sweetness, Athirasa, Dodol, Pani Walalu, the scrumptious Thalaguli made of sesame seed and the golden brown Mung Kavum are just a few amongst the many varieties that are prepared. These come from recipes have been handed down through generations of Sri Lankans passed from family to family through the ages.

A table overlade with these sweets accompanied by the special Milk Rice consumed at an auspicious time indicates prosperity and good health for the coming year.  Hence if you love exploring worlds of culinary delights and also have a particular fondness for sweetmeats then Sri Lankan sweets are a treat to behold and even better, to be tasted.


Written by Tineeka for colomboguide.net ©


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